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What Is Business Litigation?

Business litigation is when a dispute or disagreement arises in business that requires the intervening of legal help to settle. Most business litigation disputes come from contract, employment, or collection issues. It can be a complex process determining your legal strategy and whether or not litigation is right for your situation, so contact an experienced business litigation attorney today for guidance.

What Permits, Registrations, Or Licenses Do I Need To Own A Business In Florida?

Although the answer to this question mostly depends on the size and type of your business. According to the Florida Department of State, you should start by checking with your County tax collector to see if your particular business requires a license. Next,
you must register your business with the Department of Revenue and with the IRS. Finally, if you are a corporate business or if your business has a fictitious name, you need to also register with the Department of State. Consulting with a business lawyer is also a good idea when starting a business. They can ensure you fulfill all the legal registration and licensure your particular business may require.

What Is The Difference Between A Corporation And An LLC?

The main differences between corporations and businesses are how they are formed, how the business is owned, profits and losses, and taxes. An LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) is owned by two or more members of the business, while a corporation has a board of directors and is owned by stock shareholders. LLC profits and losses are distributed to individual owners, while a corporation’s profits and losses are held by the corporation. Lastly, LLCs owners are taxed based on the adjusted gross income of the owners, while a corporation is taxed the corporate rate as an entity itself.

If you are having a hard time deciding which type of business is better for your business venture, consult with a business attorney today.

What’s The Difference Between A Joint-Venture And A Partnership?

Though they are often thought of as different terms that mean the same thing, they are very different. A partnership is when two or more persons form an association to co-own a business for profit, while a joint-venture is a contractual agreement between two or more parties to execute a specific business understanding.

There are pros and cons to each depending on what you are trying to accomplish. A business lawyer can guide you through the process and help you choose which one that will be the best for you.

How Can A Business Lawyer Help Me?

There are many situations where hiring a business lawyer is highly recommended. Here are just a few examples in which an experienced business attorney can help you:

  • Starting or expanding a business
  • Franchise purchasing
  • Hiring employees
  • Asset and stock sales
  • Dissolution of a business
  • Any business-related legal dispute

Andrew J. Mongelluzzi has the experience to help you with whatever business law inquiry you have, especially when it comes to litigation. Call Clearwater Business Law today.

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