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Common Causes of Contract Breaches in Florida

For a legally binding contract to be formed, there must be an offer and acceptance and the parties must exchange something of value. As the Florida Bar clearly explains, enforceable contracts can be both in writing or oral. A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties breaks the terms of the agreement, without Read more >

What Time of Year is Best to Form LLCs and Partnerships?

If you are considering starting a new business in Florida or if you are considering converting your sole proprietorship into a limited liability company (LLC) or a partnership, you may be wondering: “When is the best time to form a new business?” This is a question that has two different answers. In this post, our Read more >

How a Contract Lawyer can Help Resolve Partnership Disputes

Business partners owe each other certain fiduciary duties, including the duty of honesty, good faith, and fair dealing. This means that both individuals must avoid conflicts of interests and self dealing in their business transactions and that they can be held liable for failing to do so. Unfortunately, despite the existence of these responsibilities, many Read more >

Most Common Reasons for Minority Shareholder Disputes in Florida

Minority shareholders (those who own less than 50 percent of the total shares of a business) inherently lack voting control over a corporation. As such, a minority shareholder cannot solely direct the future of the company or select corporate officers. Of course, this means that minority shareholders are forced to rely on the good business Read more >

Preparing for Business Litigation

No company wants to deal with the hassle of a lawsuit. Still, when a lawsuit becomes a possibility, you cannot sit back and let it take care of itself. To protect the legal rights and financial interests of your business, you need to be fully prepared for the lawsuit. Litigation, whether your company is being Read more >


I strongly endorse Andrew Mongelluzzi. He is a very skilled and able business attorney focused on customer service and results. On the front end, Andrew deftly advises new businesses on organizing properly, acquiring necessary licenses, contracting with vendors & customers, and dealing with various compliance issues that may arise. On the back end when things go south, Andrew counsels and navigates businesses through complex commercial disputes and aggressively represents them in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and in litigation so that businesses can legally move on and get back to business. Andrew’s ability to identify legal issues and approaches to resolve business-related issues is a strength that I have learned from and professionally relied upon in approaching the business matters and cases that I handle. I regularly refer business to Andrew knowing that he will diligently represent his business clients and their best interests.
Relationship: worked together on matter

- Frank N. Genco, Florida Bar No. 440086

We hired Andrew to help us when our insurance company denied our claim when water and sewage damage completely destroyed our Florida Condominium. Even though Andrew made several phone calls and wrote an initial letter, the company continued to deny our claim. He was persistent and continued to help us negotiate with the company until we finally received a fair monetary settlement. He was always quick to respond, helpful, and courteous when working with us. I would recommend him to anyone who is fighting an unjust insurance settlement.

- Harvey

Andrew has represented my business for several years in the area of corporate law, business transactions, collection matters, contract matters, employee disputes, and more. He has always been more than approachable, accommodating and understanding. His approach is not like other lawyers in that he deals with you on your level and is able to incorporate his legal strategies into our business plan/model; instead of allowing lawsuits to takeover the business. Further, his education and practical experience in the business world equates to a valuable understanding of my business.

- Chris

Attorney Mongelluzzi and his team provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. The quality services I received at Mongelluzzi’s firm were remarkable. From the initial meeting they were responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely, easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted. Attorney Mongelluzzi and his staff all gave my case their personal attention and provided the quality of work that anyone would want when hiring an attorney.

- Client

Andrew is very thorough defining the outcome expectations. In my case, it was setting up a new corporate entity. He advised me on the most beneficial option and he then executed on that path. Andrew is a very pleasant person to work with. He is determined, skilled and committed to his client’s success.

- Gil Pinney

Andrew helped me through a difficult situation with American Express and we won the case. A great job by Andrew! He also helped me with T&C’s in my company. I would recommend Andrew highly as an attorney.

- John Sams

As a business owner for 12 years I have seen my fair share of ups and downs. Some of the downs would include landlord/tenant disputes and creditors that may have not been fulfilled to agreement. Andrew has met both of these situations for me in a timely, positive, and affordable manner.

- Rich Mattes


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