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Florida Business Litigation Looks to Miami for Influence

business litigation lawMiami’s courts are quickly becoming the most influential in the state of Florida for matters regarding business litigation law.

According to a July 24 National Law Review article, recent decisions in corporate governance, employment law claims, and building and construction law cases have shown Miami to be the forerunner of developing precedents for business litigation law throughout the state.

In the case Dinuro Investments, LLC v. Camacho, the court ruled that an LLC employee’s claims against other employees and managers was invalid, according to the National Law Review. The ruling, given by Judge John Thornton of the Miami-Dade Complex Business Litigation Section, was affirmed on July 9 by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal.

According to the National Law Review, this decision by a Miami court has major implications for the rest of the state’s business litigation law practices and protocols.

What is business litigation, exactly? The Florida Bar Association states that business litigation is the legal process that works to resolve legal conflicts involving commercial and business relationships.

Cases requiring business litigation attorneys have risen astronomically in recent years — over the last 20 years, the number of employee lawsuits has gone up by an amazing 400%; more than 60% of many courts’ cases involve business litigation and some 52% of all court cases throughout America have to do with business litigation.

The Dinuro Investments, LLC v. Camacho case sets an important precedent among Florida courts in determining who gets the money in an employee claim case. As the Florida Supreme Court hasn’t yet given a definite order on the issue, it’s Miami’s courts that will set the precedent for future similar cases across the Sunshine State.